Yasmin and Liran Zvia

Hod Hasharon

Dear Inbal! At the end of an enjoyable period, during which you supported us with uncompromising professionalism and endless patience, we consider it a privilege and a pleasant duty to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our beautiful home that you designed is a dream come true. A gorgeous, tastefully decorated and functional home that meets all our needs and requirements. All our guests have been complimenting the house – you assisted us greatly in selection of materials, lighting design and selection of beautiful, top-quality furniture. You managed to create a perfect harmony between all the items due to your ability to see the entire picture, while meticulously planning each detail. Your support was professional and dedicated, your advice was invaluable, and your guidance of contractor and workers was very efficient. We greatly appreciate your on-site presence during home renovation and the changes you made in your detailed plans in accordance with the needs. Above all, thank you for your patience and warmth. There is no doubt – we’re not easy to deal with. Thank you for insisting on certain details, some of which we understood only in hindsight. Thank you for your understanding, when we insisted to check more stores. That you for your smile at every meeting in the office or and in stores. Thank you for learning our inside jokes and even using them in the right contexts. Thank you for helping us make our dream come true in the most enjoyable way, and for always giving us the feeling that “there is someone to trust.” Looking back, we realize how lucky were to have such a companion, and understand well that we were in good hands. At the end of this unforgettable period, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unique touch that is graciously present in every corner of the house, and for the perfect result of your work. The home you designed for us is the best business card, and as your satisfied customers, we will recommend you to all of our acquaintances.

Shoshi and Moshe Cohen

A letter of recommendation for the amazing Inbal – the best designer you can find! In July 2012, we purchased a new apartment from contractor. Several months later, the contractor summoned us to choose tiles and bathroom fixtures. We were referred to several vendors. Following the first meeting, we felt lost due to the huge assortment, and decided that we need a designer. After reviewing several designers according to recommendations and their previous projects, we met with Inbal. Not only that our first meeting was full of chemistry – at the end, we had a visual concept of our future apartment, as well as a budget estimate. Once the ball was in Inbal’s court, she led us throughout this long, exhausting journey towards our dream apartment, while turning this process into enjoyable experience. Inbal connected us with top-quality vendors and professionals, and worked in cooperation with everyone – even with experts on our behalf. She improved our conduct with the contractor and assisted to draft a detailed plan of changes in accordance with our needs, which were identified during our conversations with Inbal. For a period of three years, during which the house began to take shape, Inbal was always there and controlled all the changes and additions carried out by the contractor. Thanks to Inbal, we detected deficiencies that were fixed in advance, before the apartment was delivered, which saved us a lot of trouble. Inbal thought about every detail in the house. Upon selecting the kitchen – the crowning glory of the house, Inbal provided the kitchen manufacturer with a design plan that meets our needs perfectly. In conclusion, we looked for a designer and found a good and kind friend. Inbal, thank you for this wonderful period, for your kindness, patience, care and professionalism. You are a talented designer– you are the best, thanks to you we have the perfect home, for which we receive endless compliments. Thank you for making our dream a reality. With love and appreciation,

Ronit and Dr. Nathan Lederman

Hello Inbal! We have completed an amazing project – renovation of our home. It’s never easy to make a decision to start a massive home renovation, which requires complete reorganization. We are happy that we met you, Inbal – calm, professional, dedicated and caring. For a period of four months, we have been in touch daily, while all the professionals engaged in the project praised your knowledge, constant availability and the insights you provided during your weekly visits. We used to talk on the phone daily and meet at least once every two weeks, which gave me confidence and a feeling that I have someone I can count on. I never got a feeling that my ideas are not respected or rejected. You understood my wishes well and were able to bring them into life, and even if you thought differently, you managed to explain how the materials’ composition works, in a respectful, professional and intelligent way, in addition to explaining the harmony of colors and their role in design. You were pleasantly assertive and showed a great taste. We felt that you’re treating our house as if it was your home and that the result is very important to you. When a certain part of the project was not carried out to your satisfaction, you provided your insights and the workers have made changes accordingly, to your and our satisfaction. Professionalism, diligence, courteousness, assertiveness, and especially, a big smile and perfectionism, are prominent in your work. We would like to thank you for all your support during the renovation project. It was completed to our satisfaction and receives endless compliments from everybody. Well done!

Inbal and Einav Hashai

Kiryat Ono

Inbal, we would like to thank you after going through a fascinating process, in which we decided to entrust you with the keys to realizing our little dreams. As if by magic, with a touch of a skilled artist, with a big smile and rolling laughter, you filled our apartment with charm, and everyone who visits, immediately asks “Who is the architect?” You are blessed with a unique talent. It is not easy to find an architect as qualified as you, but to find an architect, who is both an expert and a pleasant and courteous person, makes the journey towards our dream as enjoyable as the dream itself. Thank you for your ability to make the dream come true, for your professional know-how and exquisite taste. We couldn’t wish for anyone better.


Dear Inbal, many ask us how to get through the house building process. Our answer is always the same –make sure to work with experts you can trust, and most importantly, get yourself a good architect, designer and supervisor. We’ll divide our gratitude and appreciation into two parts. Thank you for the things that are self-evident – a beautiful house that we love so much. It serves us well, suits our needs and meets all our requirements. This is on the obvious side of things, since we hired your services based on your previous projects. Over time, we learned to trust you due to your understanding, comprehensive vision and ability to set your mind on the final product. However, what we are truly grateful for, is not at all obvious – we are grateful for your attitude and endless patience, for always being there for us with your creative solutions. Thank you for your cooperation with all the professionals engaged in the project (even with those who were not recommended by you). Thank you for the endless trips to stores to find items that are both beautiful and within the budget. Thank you for your flexible thinking on one hand, and your determined approach on the other hand, for your humor that cheered us when we were completely exhausted. The journey of building a house is long and exhausting, and requires making lots of choices and decisions. With you and thanks to you, not only that the journey was tolerable, but even enjoyable! Inbal, we thank you and recommend your services wholeheartedly. We could have gotten a beautiful house (maybe not as beautiful…) with other designers, but your excellent service and courteousness are the real asset, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Reli and Eli Sharabani

Kiryat Ono

Inbal Berkowitz – I couldn’t wish for a better architect. I would like to mention the courteous service, the will to assist at any time, the help with item selection in stores, the clear vision, the rare taste and detail-oriented approach. Most importantly, this is how I imagined my house, warm and inviting, a home that is fun to come back to after work. The children don’t want to leave their rooms, the luxurious showers and friends who express their admiration and borrow ideas. Highly recommended!

Mimi and Shmuel Erez

Kfar Saba

We purchased our home about three years before moving in. We looked for a designer, who would pave the way through the piles of plans, questions, ideas and dilemmas. We approached Inbal based on recommendations and due to being deeply impressed with her website. Inbal was engaged in the entire house construction processes – from building, electricity and plumbing plans to hanging the last picture in the house. Buying an apartment or building a house entail various difficulties, obstacles and hard work, along with endless dilemmas and doubts. Her close support turned everything into a wonderful experience. Inbal was always very understanding and attentive to our needs, creative and patient. She always had an answer for every question and solution for any doubt. She removed any concern with her professional explanation. Her smart advice was particularly valuable regarding moving the front door, deciding on the most suitable wall for a TV, lighting design and wall painting, in addition to her detail-oriented approach to decoration. Her work was always accompanied by courteousness and pleasantness that always gave us a good feeling. Her professionalism, extensive experience and ability to see the whole picture, “to see the future”, allowed us to build a home that we are so pleased with. Everything is so functional and practical. The house is spectacular. The pleasant colors create a relaxing atmosphere. A beautiful, and above all, comfortable, warm and cozy house. A house that is fun and pleasant to live in. There is no doubt that Inbal has contributed greatly to the creation of this house. Inbal allowed us to dream, and made our dream come true. We wanted a house – not a dream! But what we got is a dream house! And for that, we thank you!

Yael and Roni Leibowitz


When we made a decision to carry out a massive and comprehensive renovation in our duplex apartment, we contacted and met with at least 4 designers, each of whom told us how professional they are, how unique their style is, and a whole bunch of similar superlatives, and then we met Inbal and without saying much, she gave us a sense of safety and professionalism, a feeling that we have someone we can count on. In retrospect, it looks like we made the right choice, since Inbal demonstrated unique professionalism and exquisite taste and supported us throughout the project with patience and understanding of our needs and capabilities, consideration of our wishes, along with assertiveness in cases something seemed wrong or unsuitable to her. Moreover, all of the professionals Inbal recommended to us, and those, whose services we decided to use (we didn’t hire everybody), were very good. Inbal worked in full cooperation with all the professionals and vendors involved in the project, even with those that were not recommended by her. This cooperation was reflected in meticulous preparation of plans to the last detail, color selection, models, etc. Now, when we’re done with renovation, the house is magnificent and every guest who enters our apartment wants to know who designed it, and we, of course, are happy to recommend. Inbal, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Well done!

Meira and Eric Henig

To Architect & Designer Inbal Berkowitz; Re: Gratitude and appreciation for planning and designing our home in Raanana We would like to thank you for your professionalism, patience and wonderful renovation of our private home in Raanana. We are very happy to have chosen you as our architect and designer for our massive home renovation project. We are experienced in all house building and renovation processes. It is a long, tedious, exhausting and stressful process with quite a few nights without sleep. But this time, the renovation turned out to be an easy and pleasant experience. And all thanks to you! Inbali – you are an architect with a vision, endless creativity and patience. You always know what’s right. You were attentive to all our requests and fancies, and demonstrated a profound knowledge of innovations in the fields of construction and design. You were always able to solve any problem and provide help at any time and no one is able to resolve conflicts and arguments like you do. We enjoyed your professionalism in the field of architecture, as well as in the field of design and styling – you have an amazing aesthetic taste and sense. You are familiar with so many stores and top-quality professionals, who were involved in building our home. We are happy to live in this house and enjoy every moment. And for this, we would like to express our gratitude and great appreciation. Architects and designers like you are a rarity.